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Tyler’s 12th Birthday – Military Style

Well this party is not exactly worthy of a blog post…..but my son only turns 12 once and I thought I should at least document it! This party was very low key, my two boys plus 6 friends for a small party of 8. They are into Call of Duty and anything military right now so that was the┬átheme. The photos are my own, because it was so small I did not call on Maggie for this one…you’ll see a huge difference!

We started out with outdoor laser tag at a local place. The kids weathered the looming storm and got to play for about an hour and a half. From there we came back home where the kids ate boxed MRE lunches (subs and chips) and played Call of Duty until late that night. I was lucky to have stumbled upon a closing army navy surplus days before the party where I scored authentic ammo boxes, engraved dog tags, army patches all for more than 50% off.


Welcome to the Mess Hall!


My handsome 12 year old!


Ready for Laser Tag



A few desserts…. really bad photos! (ugh….note to self, next time, no matter how small the party- CALL MAGGIE!)

zzzzzz zzz X u1 t2 T Q



Tyler’s cousin Dan just got back home from a tour in Afghanistan. One of his friends took amazing photos while he was there so I printed up my favorites and displayed them at the party. Ty thought it was pretty cool to show his friends.


and last….all of the boys went home with a personalized dog tag and a camo t-shirt that I added real US ARMY patches on to.





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