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2016 Christmas House Tour

I will decorate my house on Black Friday because I host Thanksgiving. It is so hard to wait though! Thought I would share some snapshots of last years Christmas house. I always switch it up a little each year, although my favorites will stick around. Stay tuned for Christmas 2017 House tour soon. Fa la la la la ……

It starts off pretty neutral in the entry way, because that is my go-to style. I use lots of black, white and cream with natural elements like wood, metal and greens.

christmas home (2)

christmas home (4)

christmas home (3)and still neutral through the casual living room….

christmas home 3

My office has just a couple of touches, and I kept this neutral as well. It is calming while I work. office

As you move into the kitchen and family room, I can’t help but add red. It is so cheerful and just says “Christmas” to me. Every time I think I want to go all neutral, I change my mind as soon as I get to my boxes of red. By the end of December I am quite ready to take it down though.

christmas home (1)

christmas home (5)

christmas home (7)

christmas home 2

and then back to really neutral in the master bed (and bathrooms not pictured).

christmas home 5

I love having fresh greens in everyroom because they smell like Christmas!

And just for sticking around, you can download this print for free! 

christmas home (4.1)

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Black and White Halloween Decorating Ideas


It’s Halloween season! I am sharing some of my favorite Halloween decorating tips and tricks. My favorite Halloween look is classic black and white.

Start by shopping your home for black and white décor. Black and white pillows, clocks, mirrors, trays, chalkboards, etc. With the right touch, they will add to your Halloween design.

Next, these are my simple tips for adding a little stylish haunt to your house…

Go Thrift Shopping.

  • Hardcover books run $1-$2, sometimes less. Look for all black books with spooky titles. Stack them in groupings of 2-3. They add height and are perfect with little spooky crittters or skeleton hands resting on them.
  • Tarnished silver or brass. The old finish is perfect for an old gothic haunted house. Fill bowls with poison apples or candy. Scatter candle holders with drippy candles. Use trays to group items. Love the look of tarnished metal for Halloween.
  • Old Mirrors. The older, the better! Old dresser mirrors look ornate, gothic and spooky when you add a little spider web to them.

Printing. My favorite!

  • Black and white is easy and inexpensive to print. Use inexpensive frames and group layers of vintage Halloween graphics on shelves or mantles.
  • To print Large scale, head to your local staples and print engineer prints. Skeletons, bats, crows, eyes and spiders look perfectly spooky in black and white print.

Get Crafty!

  • Iron on paper and a $3 Linen throw pillow cover can transform your everyday toss pillows into vintage black crow or spooky bat décor for a night (or the season). Amazon is my go to place for linen toss pillow covers.
  • Print engineer prints and attach wood strips to each end and hang by a string for custom artwork. (see my skeleton)
  • Paint your pumpkins black. Chalkboard spray paint works double duty for writing spooky messages on the pumpkins too.

Basic Halloween Must Haves

  • Black Gauze Fabric
  • Black Crows
  • White Web
  • Skeleton Hands






DIY TIP … print a black crow on to iron on paper and create a custom pillow using inexpensive linen throw pillow covers. See Below:


Carry your neutral black and white theme to your outside decor just as easily.


Happy Haunting!

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