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My Little Pony Party Ideas

My Little Pony Party for Annabelle’s 7th Birthday


Hooray! Annabelle is 7! She is currently obsessed with My Little Pony. She loves all of the cheerful colors, the adorable cutie marks and the magical unicorns. My goal was to create a party that had the feeling of My Little Pony without putting to much emphasis on actual characters.

The dessert table was focused mainly on on bright colors. I did purchase sugar sheets of cutie marks to add to the top of our sugar cookies. All of the girls recognized the cutie marks and loved them. My sister made the colorful cake pops, unicorn cookies, rainbow drizzled oreos and gorgeous rainbow cake. She did an amazing job on all of it!

For this party we set up activity stations. We had Cutie Mark Face painting, Create your own Magical pony, The Beauty Spot, a unicorn craft table and a visit from a very magical guest, a pony with pink hair. We also had a boxed lunch for each guest complete with Apple Jack’s apple sauce.






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Our first station was cutie mark face painting. If you are in the Chicago or NWI area, Fun Faces by Denise is wonderful! She has been at Annabelle’s last two parties and does a fabulous job.



Next we had the Magical Unicorn Beauty Spot. This is where you got to choose your {handmade} unicorn horn, rainbow nail painting, a pony necklace, bracelets, pony tattoo, colored hair chalk and more! We had the help of our friend Lily at this booth. Thanks a million Lil!

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The girls had fun doing the crafts as well. I found look a like my little ponies at the dollar store and the girls had fun creating their own Magical Ponies with sharpies. Some of the cutie marks were very creative!


But the best surprise was the magical guest that arrived! The girls had fun petting and feeding treats to pink shadow, the majestic white pony with pink hair. The initial reactions were priceless!



A HUGE thank you to Maggie Russo for being there to capture all the magic!

The printables are available in my shop!

 colorful pony invite

Pony Party Set IMG_0017


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Ruby’s Fresh Pink and Green Equestrian Party

I am sharing this Fresh Pink and Green Equestrian Party done by one of my very creative customers, Katie Skelton. Last year I created a “Best in Show” Puppy party set for her (You can see it here featured on Pizzazzerie). She did an amazing job pulling it all together. This year she came to me with her inspiration board for a pony party in a fresh pink and green color scheme. Once again she made an adorable party with the printables that I created to match her inspiration. Take a look at some of her photos.







Thanks for sharing Katie! I am looking forward to working on many more parties with you!




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