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Retro Soda Pop Party Ideas

Host an Ice Cream Soda Party!  You can host an adorable mid-day Ice cream soda party and not break the bank. If you would rather not have the party at home, check out your local burger and ice cream joints. Call ahead and reserve tables during the shops slow time. Add assorted sodas in fun retro looking bottles or tall glasses with soda poured over ice cream. Don’t forget the cherry on top!

You can find my soda pop cupcake recipe, a free menu printable and even more cute party pictures in the current issue of Yum {food and fun for kids} Magazine!  All Photos by Maggie Russo Photo.

You’re Invited! This invite and the other printables that you see are all available in my shop.




When you host a party mid-day you can save money by not serving a full meal. This party consisted of retro bottles of soda, ice cream and soda pop cupcakes and fun! I used inexpensive engineer prints to make oversized black and white signs and chalkboard menus. Big impact, small dollars! The soda bottles double as party décor. You don’t need much with this theme. If you were hosting the party at home you could add some thrift shop records and chrome accessories to pull the them in.



SodaPopParty_040     SodaPopParty_059


You can find fun glass bottles sodas at most super markets, world market and even amazon.   Personalize the party with toppings and signs.

SodaPopParty_089     SodaPopParty_088







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