A Classic Party on the Farm

We celebrated Annabelle’s 9th birthday with a classic farm party. The adorable animals from Paws and Claws made the party! There were snuggly little piglets….and the cutest Alpaca….and fluffy bunnies….and chickens…. and more! The party was styled in classic black and white with vintage touches and little bits of color. The lunch was meat-free per Annabelle’s request. We served pasta salad, fruit salad, cheese-n-crackers and chips-n-hummus. Since the lunch was light, the dessert was not. We set up “Annabelle’s Farm Bakery” with cookies, homemade cupcakes in three flavors, mini pies, old fashioned candy and a vanilla cake topped with fresh cherries.

My friend from Madison Avenue Soaps made indulgent Goats Milk Cream for all of the girls and the “favor farm stand” also included mini egg cartons filled with white plastic eggs and candy chicks.

1 alpaca 2 fARM TO TABLE 3 baked fresh 4 chocolate cupcakes 5 lunch 2 6 dessert 7 girls 8 favors 9 cake walk 10 pies 11 eggs 12 white barn cookies 13 goats milk cream 13 piggy 14 lemonade 15 bunny pie 16 milk 17 invite 18 lunch 19 llama 20 piggy 21 horse

Photos by Maggie Russo Photo | www.maggierussophoto.com

Cake and Cookies by Little Miss Sweet Tooth

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  1. Jenn Garrett July 11, 2017 at 3:37 pm #

    Thank you much for having us for Annabelle farm themed party. You did an AMAZING JOB and didn’t miss any details 🙂 This lady is amazing at what she does and it showed!! Way to go Sara and once again thanks for booking Paws and Claws traveling Petting zoo!!

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