Game on! Tyler’s Video Game Truck Party {Plus a Minecraft freebie}

Game on! My son Tyler turned 11 in August and we were very excited to have the GAME TRUCK to our home. Two whole hours of 16 quiet boys! That’s right! They were in the game truck with the “game coach” for 2 whole hours. When they came out (looking a little like Vampires that had never seen the light of day) they all said that it was SO MUCH FUN! A pile of pizzas, a table of desserts and let’s call it a party!

My son is a HUGE Minecraft fan, along with all of his buddies. I designed a very “non-commercial” Game On logo for the party but had a couple of minecraft icons here and there. The door was decorated with just paper and tape because the graphics in minecraft are that “simple”. We also served “creeper juice” by adding black duct tape to my drink dispenser. For those who want to add a touch of Minecraft to your party stay tuned for a FREE minecraft printable coming up next!

We had Maggie Russo there to photograph it and my sister made the very cool gray cakepops with lime chevron sticks.

Now let’s have a look at this fun Game Truck Party!

game truck 1-B

Look how awesome this game truck is! 16 kids can play at once on 3 Big Screens. Very cool! We used Illiana Game Truck. I made VIP badges for the kids to wear onto the truck to tie in the design of the party.

game truck party

The chocolate WII and play station remotes were a hit and took very little time and effort to make with these molds from Amazon. They set up in literally minutes so you can make a bunch quickly.

The cool vintage style Atari joy stick candy tins were found on EBAY. Even with this very modern party theme I had to throw my little bit of vintage style in there!

game truck 2

game truck

game truck 4

The boys seemed to love  the game truck and for me the best part was that they were 100% entertained for TWO WHOLE HOURS!



See… our door had a little touch of minecraft too 😉

Not too creative or good looking, but easy and the boys got a kick out of it. I thought it would be better than a floral wreath on my door since the dessert and drinks were set up on my front porch.


You can find the whole set or just the invite in my shop to add a little DIY flair to your game truck party. Find it here!

And for you Minecraft fans I have a special FREEBIE for you. These bag toppers are sure to be a hit when you send the kids home with these easy little treat bags! Download your copy here! All you need are 5″ wide cello bags and candy (I used cherry sours).

minecraft bag topper

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