Pony Party & Kentucky Pie in Jars Recipe

Many of you have already seen my daughter’s pony party here, today I am sharing the recipe for “Kentucky Pie” in mini mason jars. This is also known as Derby Pie, however, that name is trademarked so I had to give it my own name. This is a great chocolate pecan pie with bourbon. These pies are easy to make and would be a great fall treat! Perhaps Thanksgiving take home goodies?

The finished product looked like this. I dressed up the lids by printing the pattern onto cardstock and cutting out circles. I then tied with rope. Nice and simple !


I found the recipe here on Survival of the Scrumptious.  She shares the recipe for homemade crust and filling. I took the easy way out and used store bought crust and added the homemade {easy} filling.

Here is the filling recipe:

1 stick melted butter

1 c sugar

1 c corn syrup

4 eggs

1 T bourbon

¾ c. chocolate chips (give or take)

¾ c pecans

Press the crust into the jars. Put a spoon full of chocolate chips and pecans in bottom of jar top with filling.  Bake them at 350 for about half an hour. Cool and enjoy!

This was a perfect fit for our pony party…don’t you think?

party 1



picnic 1





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